Leger’s U.S. Omnibus

You’re a decision maker.

We know that some days, it feels like a million things are on your plate. Our U.S. omnibus is here to help. When you need representative data quickly at an affordable price, we’ve got you covered. 

Leger’s U.S. Omnibus: Submit Your Questions; We’ll Take Care of the Rest 

Our omnibus is a high-quality, easy, affordable and fast survey of 1,000 Americans, conducted bi-weekly.

When you use our omnibus, you’ll receive representative results within a week. You only pay for the questions you want to ask, and our standard set of sociodemographic questions is provided free of charge. 

We believe in adding value to our projects at every stage, which is why you’ll also receive cross-tabulations and a free report including analysis from our expert research team every time you ask questions using Leger’s U.S. omnibus. 

Simply submit your questions; we’ll take care of the rest. Reach out to us at solutions@leger360.com

What Can I Evaluate with Leger’s U.S. Omnibus?

You can ask U.S. consumers questions that are most relevant to your vertical, industry, or brand. Ask questions at a specific point in time, track results over time to monitor consumer sentiment, or get the best of both worlds and do both. 

Some examples of what you can evaluate using our U.S. omnibus include:

  • Awareness of an organization, brand, or product
  • Perceptions of a name, slogan, or an event
  • Retention and reach of an advertising campaign
  • Attitudes toward or interest in a product or service
  • Perceptions of a current event
  • Buying behavior
  • The profile of your target customers
  • Market potential
  • And more

Clients across many different industries trust our omnibus to provide them with reliable data.

I’m Interested in Surveying Canadians. Can Leger Help?

Absolutely! We also have a Canadian omnibus that runs nationally, provincially, and within major cities in Canada. If you want to evaluate the Canadian market, our Canadian omnibus can help you do so quickly and affordably. Contact us at solutions@leger360.com to learn more.

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