Strategic Marketing Solutions

Your marketing shouldn’t be a shot in the dark, let our insights shine a light on the strategies you need to attract your target audience.

Through qualitative and quantitative market research, the Leger team gathers data and information from our research communities and participants to construct an in-depth view of the market, your brand, and your product through the eyes of your target audience.

With this research, you’re better prepared to maximize everything from product development and brand design to messaging and marketing outreach strategies. Let us help you strategize for success.

Brand Positioning

How do consumers feel about your brand? How does that compare to consumer sentiment and perceptions regarding your competitors? What strategies will best help push your brand to the front of their minds? We leverage our market research, built and gathered with your brand in mind, to help you plan and design all aspects of your market strategy.

Marketing and Messaging

Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity. Every communication with consumers should be tailored to speak to your target audience. From taglines and social media copy to the method and messenger, tapping into the marketing tactics and strategies that work so you are understood, in the way you need and want to be, comes down to the kind of market research we provide.

Innovation and Product Development

Enter the market with an advantage. Our research methodologies and expertise enable you to identify opportunities in the market, generate new ideas and leverage influencers to inform how your product or service will land with consumers before they hit the shelves. From market research to product testing, start to finish, we’ve got the tools, methodologies, and experience to help you with a successful product launch.

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