New tastes and healthier choices are reshaping alcoholic beverage purchasing and consumption habits.

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The past year has shaped consumer attitudes toward health and wellness in far-reaching ways, with many embracing healthier habits, diets, and lifestyles.

The effect on the alcoholic beverage market has been dramatic, with overall consumption rising amid a shift toward new flavors and healthier choices, and a sharp increase in at-home consumption.

Now, as consumers begin to anticipate a return to normal, we wanted to get a clearer picture of current consumer attitudes and preferences to help us develop an outlook on the alcoholic beverage category for the coming months.

We surveyed members of our 360 Health & Wellness Community about their alcohol purchasing and consumption habits, including wine drinkers, beer drinkers, spirit drinkers, and canned cocktail (e.g. hard seltzer) drinkers. We found strong demand for new flavors and rising interest in “better for you” beverage options.


In response, manufacturers are introducing new products like wines with reduced sugar and gluten-free beer. One leading brand of sparkling water that’s known for using real squeezed fruit juice has even jumped into the canned cocktail category, touting its natural flavors and alcohol derived from real cane sugar.

Consumers across all segments appear to have a taste for these fresh twists on their favorite beverages, with many trying new brands over the past year in search of healthier options. For example, roughly 20% of wine, beer, and canned cocktail drinkers who tried new products say they were seeking low-calorie beverages.

Download a preview of our survey results to see what other “good for you” options consumers say they’re looking for.

We also found consumers turning to virtual alternatives for alcohol purchasing and social activities. Not only are people connecting with friends and family through Zoom happy hours, they’re also discovering and buying new beverages online.


Beyond these headlines, our research looked at the many factors driving the recent changes in consumer attitudes and behavior, and what they might mean for the alcoholic beverage category in 2021. A preview of our survey results is available for download now.

To access the full results of our survey and discover how you can position your brand for success this year, schedule a consultation with our Health & Wellness research expert.

Get a detailed look at the current state of the market and discover how you can position your brand for success this year. Download the full results of our latest survey now.

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