Luxury Brand Marketing

Custom research solutions for marketing luxury brands, products and services.

Successful luxury brand marketing requires an entirely different approach than other market segments. The modern luxury consumer has proven an elusive target for many brands. Understanding their needs and motivations requires specialized experience and a fine-tuned ear.

Through over a decade of experience conducting luxury market research, Leger has gained a unique understanding of the affluent consumer and continues to focus beyond just affluence to the overall luxury buying experience. Through this focus, we can help you design a luxury marketing strategy to reach this challenging market.

An innovative approach to the luxury market.

Using proprietary tools like our online research community, paired with our intimate knowledge of luxury consumer demographics and the experience of self-care that often accompanies a luxury purchase, we can uncover the data and insights you need to compete in the luxury market.

Our solutions have achieved remarkable results in marketing luxury brands like DeBeers and we can do the same for your business. Contact us today to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

See How We Build Success for our Luxury Brand Clients

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