Brand Positioning & Planning

Do you have a brand strategy?

Brand insights provide a deeper understanding of your brand’s position in the marketplace. Knowing what customers think allows you to plan strategically. Traditional consumer research analyzes past consumer behavior. Leger focuses on what your target customers are thinking right now—and what they're planning to do in the future—that puts our clients ahead of the curve.

Your brand through a consumer's eyes.

What if you could access consumer insights and customer experience research that let you track market trends as they evolve?

What if your brand team could get just a little closer to your category shopper and see their customer journey first hand? That's what Leger USA delivers. We fully embrace both quantitative and qualitative market research methodologies, and we pair them in powerful ways to provide a comprehensive, holistic view of your consumers’ behavior and your brand positioning in the marketplace.

While our qualitative market research provides a deep and directional picture of your target consumers, our quantitative research provides a statistically valid basis for your strategic branding and business decisions. Our solutions combine both approaches enabling our clients to understand not just what but how customers are thinking and develop effective strategies based on the data.

The result is highly detailed and timely intelligence about current consumer behavior, coupled with powerful consumer insights to help you plan for, and position, your brand with confidence.

Our work with leading brands like Kroger, DeBeers, and many more demonstrates our proven record of success when it comes to actionable and valuable market research.

Ready to learn more about how Leger can deliver brand insights to develop a branding strategy that moves your business ahead? Contact us today.

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